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Vital e cigarette info for newbies. Read this if you haven’t used e cigarettes before or if you have any questions.


We have compared the most popular brands out there. Read our detailed reviews here.

  • V2 Cigs

    V2 Cigs

    Best vapor production, easiest to draw, great taste, super price. The winner of our e-cig test, highly recommended. Continue reading

  • Green Smoke

    Green Smoke

    The best taste out there. Lots of vapor, but a bit difficult to draw. Great quality, but a bit pricey. Continue reading

  • South Beach Smoke

    South Beach Smoke

    This is a good product with an exceptional price. If you don’t want to pay much for the starter kit, but want a good product, South Beach is the one. Continue reading

  • White Cloud

    White Cloud

    A bit overpriced. Not that much vapor. The taste is not very good, but Cirrus 3 is the smallest e-cig out there. The Phantom cig doesn’t produce vapor (but still delivers nicotine). Continue reading

  • Blu Cigs

    Blu Cigs

    Produces lots of vapor, looks really stylish, has the social features, but the taste is not that good. The cartridges run out quickly as well. Continue reading

  • 3-Piece E-cigarettes

    3-Piece E-cigarettes

    If for whatever reason you are sure that you want to get yourself a 3-part e-cig, here’s some useful information. Continue reading

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