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Electronic cigarette's e-juice

E-juice or e-liquid or nicotine solution is the liquid that is being vaporized inside the e-cig.

With the 3-piece e-cigs, you have to fill the cartridges yourself (you can buy the liquid separately), but with the 2-piece electronic cigarettes, the liquid is already prefilled in the cartomizer. The ingredients of the e-juice are the same both ways:

  1. Propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin
  2. Nicotine
  3. Flavorings

Many people are afraid of propylene glycol as it is also used in medicine, food processing, and cosmetics. Nevertheless, propylene glycol has FDA’s approval. Most big producers like Green Smoke and V2 Cigs use propylene glycol in their e-liquid.

But for example Blu Cigs is based on the other substance – vegetable glycerin. Glycerin seems to be more natural, but it also tastes  differently. Some vapers don’t find the taste favorable.

Nicotine is still harmful, but when you compare the e-cig with the regular cigarette, e-cig lets you inhale only  one harmful substance. With regular cigarettes, you are inhaling 4,000 harmful substances.


There is a variety of flavors available (more than 20 different flavors that consumers can enjoy). Examples are cherry, peach, chocolate, vanilla, watermelon, pina colada etc. Although it is nice to try out several tastes, most vapers stick to the regular tobacco (or menthol) taste. Green Smoke for example has 3 different tobacco tastes.

Nicotine concentration

This is  pretty much the same as  regular cigarettes: light, medium, strong. To give consumers variety,  all the producers have nicotine-free juices available as wellSometimes the manufacturers mark the amount of nicotine concentration in milligrams or in percentages. Here’s the comparison:

  • Extra strong: 3.6% or 36 mg per ml
  • Strong: 2.4% or 24mg
  • Regular: 1.8% or 18mg
  • Light: 1.2% or 12mg
  • Ultra Light: 0.6% or 6mg
  • Nicotine free: 0% or 0mg

Nicotine concentration  also depends on the thickness of vapor- how much nicotine is delivered to your blood. With an e cigarette that produces a really thick vapor, you don’t have to use that strong e-liquid.

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