3-Piece E-cigarettes

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Although 2-part devices are much more convenient, there are 3 reasons for preferring 3-piece electronic cigarettes over 2-piece ones:

  • Price may be cheaper
  • More liquids available
  • Option for devices with long-lasting and big batteries

The cons on the other hand are:

  • You have to buy everything separately: juice, cartridges, atomizers
  • Re-filling is bothersome and messy
  • Not very hygienic (you’ll be using the same cart for a month)
  • Leakage is more likely

We got 2 very different 3-piece e-cigarette starter kits. The brands are very well known: an older Joye eGo and Vapor King. Let’s take a closer look.

Vapor King

Vapor King

Vapor King looks quite similar to a 2-piece e-cig. What we like about the product is that it has an eTank system – with regular tank, the e-juice is stored in an absorbent material inside the cartridge. But with the eTank, the liquid is visibly floating inside the tank. You can see the liquid and know when the tank is full or when you need to fill it up. You then have to open up the cartridge and add some drops of liquid (around 10 drops will fill up the tank).

What we noticed is that the 10 drops of liquid we put into the eTank lasted for just a few hours. I certainly took less than 100 puffs. In contrast, V2 Cigs’ cartomizer lasted for 360 puffs. So, there’s quite a lot refilling to do for the Vapor King, and it would be wise to pre-fill a few cartridges for each day.

Here’s how we are filling up the Vapor King’s eTank:

Vapor King cartridge

Nevertheless, it takes time to add more juice and after refilling, there is juice on your hands, on the table, and on the mouthpiece. Quite a mess. This is why we here at Ecigz.net prefer the 2-piece e-cigarettes.

Vaping Vapor King is quite OK. There’s a decent amount of vapor coming. Let’s not talk about the taste. When it comes to  re-fillable cartridges, it’s up to the consumers  where to buy and which juice to buy.

Battery life is good as well. We didn’t exactly count the puffs, but on average it was something similar to the best 2-piece e cigarettes we tested.

What is a bit irritating is that the atomizer part of Vapor King’s product gets hot when you draw too many times in a row. Otherwise, it’s a really good product for a 3-piece.

Joye eGo

Here’s a totally different product. If you compare it to a 2-piece e-cig (there’s Green Smoke on the picture), you can see that it is much larger and doesn’t look like a cigarette any more (maybe more like a cigar).

Joye eGo

Some vapers who don’t care about how the product looks like prefer these kinds of designs because of the battery capacity. As the battery is much larger, you can use it for a longer period of time as well.

Now let’s take the eGo to pieces (and compare it to Green Smoke again).

3-piece ecigarette parts

As you can see, there’s one additional (but quite useless) element – atomizer cover.

And here’s how the cartridge and the e-juice bottle look like:

3-piece cartridge

The picture above shows the cartridge is filled with an absorbent material. So, it’s a bit tricky job to fill it with juice. You should know exactly how much juice to put in, in order to produce the best vapor.

Nowadays, there are eGo models available with the eTank system as well, so if you want to get yourself an eGo, get one with the eTank.

To conclude, if you are convinced that a 3-piece electronic cigarette is the best choice for you, Vapor King (their “Storm” model) and Joye eGo are the best choices. If you search the web, you may notice that there are lots of different names that look like the eGo. Well, they are just labels of the dealers; actually they all come from the same Joytech factory in China.

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