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Blu Cigs looks awesome, but all in all Blu doesn’t deserve very high points. Cartridges are weak, and taste is not the best.
Here are our ratings:



Basic facts

  • Starter Kit price: Original Kit $69.99, Premium Kit $79.99, Premium100 Kit $89.99
  • Cartomizer price: $2.40
  • Cartomizer: 90-160 puffs (according to our test)
  • Battery: 230 puffs per charge
  • Flavors: 7 (Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Java, Vanilla, Cherry, Pina Colada, Peach)
  • Nicotine level: 0mg, 6-8mg (ultra light), 9-12mg (light), 13-16mg (full)
  • Discount available: none. Click here to see what discounts other producers have.


My first impression is great. It looks like a very  stylish product. Everything is black with blue elements. In the Premium Kit100 box, I first noticed the “blu pack”, which is an advanced charging case (charging cigs on the go, starts vibrating when there’s a fellow blu user nearby). When you open the “blu pack,” the LED blu logo starts glowing, which will certainly grab the attention of those around you.

So, I took out the battery, tobacco flavor cartridge and started vaping.

First Draw – vapor volume and taste

There’s lots of vapor coming out. But after the draw, there’s a weird sound coming from the cig, like trying to get the last sip of a milk shake with a straw. It’s a bit weird and makes you thinking if this is normal. Well it is with blu, but it’s strange still.

The taste feels kind of wateryand I don’t like the aftertaste. Their juice is based on vegetable glycerin, not on propylene glycol (as most other brands have). Here’s the difference as well. Some people might be allergic to propylene glycol though, then the vegetable glycerin juice could be an alternative. But honestly, I didn’t find the taste favorable.

One thing different from other producers is that Blu’s e-juice is produced in the U.S. Most others have their juice produced in China.

Battery Life

We could use the battery for taking 230 puffs. This could beincreased, but on the other hand, the battery is quite small, so it’s forgivable.

Cartomizer life

Here’s Blu Cigs’ weakest point. The first cartomizer we used just lasted for 90 puffs. This was unacceptable. We thought that this was a faulty cart at first and did another test. The second cart lasted for 160 puffs, which is better, but still it was a  poor result. Good brands’ carts last for around 360 puffs. Soin long term, blu (with the cart price of $2.40) comes much more expensive compared to other brands.

Starter Kits

There are 3 kits available: Classic ($69.00), Premium ($79.00), and Premium100 ($89.00). They all contain 2 batteries, charging case, USB/Wall charger, and 5 cartomizers.

At first glance, it is difficult to understand what’s the difference between those kits, but we dugdeeper and found out.

  • Classic Kit doesn’t have the social features (when there’s another blu user nearby, the pack starts vibrating)
  • Classic Kit and Premium Kit have a weaker battery, whereas Premium100 has a stronger one
  • Classic Kit and Premium Kit have worse cartomizers (worse than 90 puffs???), whereas Premium100 has a better one (90 puffs is far from being good though)

Disposables – 4-pack of disposables is available for $39.99.

About the company

Blu’s customer service and delivery time were not the best a while back. I am not sure how it is now, but just recently, the company was bought by Lorillard (third largest tobacco company) for $135 million. Hope the new owners will give positive branding through superb customer service.

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