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We totally loved the product. This received maximum points in most categories. Super quality with a very reasonable price, highly recommended for beginners and advanced vapers.

Here are our ratings:


Basic Facts

  • Starter Kit price: $24.95 (Express kit), $49.95 (Economy kit), $64.95 (Standard kit, best choice), $124.95 (Couples kit), $139.95 (Traveller kit), $159.95 (Ultimate kit)
  • Cartomizer price: $2
  • Cartromizer: 360 puffs (according to our test), great result
  • Battery: 390 puffs per charge, excellent result
  • Flavors: 13 available, including Cowboy (similar to Marlboro), Congress (similar to Parliament), Menthol, Cherry, Coffee, Chocolate, Peppermint, Vanilla, etc
  • Nicotine level: 0mg, 6mg (light), 12mg (medium), 18mg (full)
  • Discount available: 15%. Click here to get the coupon


We got ourselves the Ultimate Kit, and this is huge. There’s everything included – 3 batteries, 25 cartomizers, wall/USB/car adapters, charging case, metal case, power cig, lanyard. Surely the Standard Kit (2 batteries, wall/USB adapters, 10 carts) would have been OK as well for the testing. Anyway, besides being big, the package looked nice as well. But what’s more important, is what is inside.

For testing, we took out an automatic battery and red cartomizer (Marlboro taste). The cig looks nice as well, a bit longer than a regular cigarette.

First Draw – vapor volume and taste

And here comes the first draw. I’m amazed how easy it is to draw and how much vapor it produces. Usually when it’s easy to draw an e-cig, then it lacks  an ample amount of vapor. But this is not the case with V2. You can easily fill your lungs with vapor. Nice, really nice.

Taste is very pleasant as well. When comparing to Green Smoke, it’s a bit weaker, you don’t feel it so strongly, but generally there are no bad words to say about the taste. It is similar to Marlboro, no bad aftertaste, no watery feeling. I’ll take the 0.5 points from maximum away only because it would be nice to feel it a bit stronger. But 4.5 out of 5 for the taste is a great score as well.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, V2 Cigs beat all the competitors. We were able to use one battery without charging for 390 puffs. Battery life is one of the most important aspects of an e- cigarette. It’s really bothering if you have to charge the batteries several times a day. If you are a pack a day smoker, the battery of V2 should last more than 2 days without charging. But still, get yourself a starter kit with 2 batteries, as it is impossible to charge the battery everywhere, and you can still vape when one battery is charging.

Batteries come in 3 sizes: short, standard, and long. We used standard for our tests.

One nice thing about V2 is that you can get an automatic or manual battery. Automatic is more suitable for beginners – you just have to draw to get the vapor. With the manual one you must press and hold down a button on the battery when drawing. Some advanced users prefer the manual one. We don’t, as automatic produces lots of vapor as well.

Cartomizer life

We got 360 puffs out of the V2 cartridge. This is a really good result as well. When you compare to regular cigarettes, then it lasts for about 1.5 to 2 packs (depending on how hard you draw).

Starter Kits

There’s a variety of starter kits available. Probably the most suitable starter kit for a beginner is their Standard Kit. Or if you just want to try out V2 or compare it to some other brand, then you can take the Express Kit that is really cheap, but contains only one battery and one cartomizer. And if you want everything there could be, get the Ultimate Kit. Couple’s Kit is of course very suitable for couples (4 batteries included).

  • $24.95 Express Kit – one battery, one cartridge, express Charger.
  • $49.95 Economy Kit – one battery, 10 cartridges, USB/Wall Charger
  • $64.95 Standard Kit – two batteries (1 manual, 1 auto), 10 cartridges, USB/Wall Charger
  • $139.95 Traveller Kit – two batteries (your choice), 15 cartridges, USB/Wall/Car Charger, Charging Case, V2 NoteBook-Cig.
  • $124.95 Couples Kit – four batteries (your choice), 20 x cartridges, 2 USB/Wall Chargers
  • $159.95 Ultimate Kit – three batteries (your choice), 25 cartridges, USB/Wall/Car Charger, Carry Case, Charging Case,  Power-Cig, lanyard.

Disposables – 3-pack of disposables is available for $24.95 (10-pack is $74.95)

About the company

V2 Cigs is one of the fastest growing e-cig companies in the world. They used to have some problems with their customer service and shipping time, but luckily they figured out that they cannot be number one with a bad customer service. As of now, there’s nothing bad to say about the company. V2 is here to stay, as they have such a good product. You don’t have to worry about the company shutting down its business some day.

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